Users can preview and print images from flash memory cards easily and quickly. Instead of the usual hard to reach buttons or a fixed-mount LCD screen that requires you to adjust to its angle, the controller can be handheld to suit the user. Differences between Gala and PS. When printing the PS is rather noisey as its motorized paper transport system moves the paper over the printhead. Dye sub printing is continuous tone printing think real prints , not screen printing as on an inkjet. Only JPEG images can be processed and printed in the standalone mode. Anyone can make beautiful prints quickly and easily.

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A power cable and USB cable round out the package.

Once the memory card is installed in the printer, images can be selected using the hand controller on the left hand side of the unit.

Review summary If prlnter digital photos have taken up permanent residence on your PC’s hard drive, Hi-Touch Imaging’s Hiti photo printer 640ps PS photo printer delivers a foolproof, speedy way to coax them into professional-looking prints.

Photo Printer 730PS

The HiTi PS is the next model in the range and provides the ability hiti photo printer 640ps print not only 6x4but 7×5 and 8×6 prints also. Color matching is unreliable just try changing paper brands some time and the process is messy.

At either print speed this is still faster than a hiti photo printer 640ps of Inkjet Photo Printers. This small footprint printer produces borderless 6″ x 8″ prints in just 70 seconds. One of the slickest things 640s this new printer, though, is the price drop it brings to its predecessor. Just select the photo and press OK to send it to the printer. Printing Speed does not include data transmission time.

And it even provides access to some minor image editing capabilities. See the next page of this review for the Windows driver options. And cut the costs of a 4×6 dye-sub print to just 40 hiti photo printer 640ps a print.

She observed astutely that the icons for the card reader would be clearer if embossed on the side of the printer, showing the correct orientation.

Low Cost High-Quality Printing Anyone that uses a photo printer, 640px or dye hiti photo printer 640ps technology, knows that pyoto cost of consumables ink, ribbons, paper can quickly exceed the cost of the printer. As with all HiTi Photo Printers the hiti photo printer 640ps is superb, with the ability to print There’s nothing flimsy about these printers — or the company, for that matter.

In standalone mode you can edit and enhance your photos before printing. The PS comes complete with a USB cable one of the few printers I have reviewed that doespower cord, a sample paper pack of 8 6×4 sheets, 2 sheets of sticker and ribbon, this will get you productive hiti photo printer 640ps minutes. Quick Photo simplifies printing a single image.

If your camera supports DPOFhiti photo printer 640ps can select the pictures to print on your camera by simply pressing a few buttons on the PS – the appropriate images will then be printed. It can print an index print of everything on your card in several formatsID photos, stickers phofo every image on the card unattended.

We have a few quibbles with the PS.

Hi-Touch Imaging HiTi PS photo printer review: Hi-Touch Imaging HiTi PS photo printer – CNET

If you want to zoom-in and crop, you select resize to magnify the portion desired and then move it to center hiit new image. To print in standalone mode, use the handheld controller to select pictures, then click OK and Print. Initial setup is simple; unwrap and install the ribbon hiti photo printer 640ps, load hiti photo printer 640ps paper cassette tray, plug in the power cord, connect the controller, turn it on and insert a memory card — you’re ready to print!

Print quality is even better than all other models in the range; however, you have to look really close to notice any differences.

What is the cost per print?

HiTi Photo Printer 640PS

Hi-Touch clearly knows how to play the distribution game, too. In our recent review of the PSwe suggested it hiti photo printer 640ps the need for a computer to enjoy digital photography. Also included is a very powerful and easy to use software application to organize, view, edit and print your pictures. Available from camera dealers, the PS has a small footprint, an upright printer with two media slots and a detachable but cabled controller with a color LCD.

If you are planning to do lots of monochrome images you may wish to use the monochrome KO kit for best results.

The PS has a resolution of x dpi, although this resolution sounds low when compared hiti photo printer 640ps HP, Phoyo and Epson who are producing printers with or dpi. The PS uses a standard AC power cord so you won’t be accumulating another one of those plug-in transformers.